Sunday, February 21, 2016

Ground turkey and cauliflower salad

This was a meal I created to bring with for a party/potluck.  I needed some merging that can be eaten hot or cold.  This is created using the concept that the Thai chicken salad wraps are based on. 

4 lbs ground turkey
1 whole cauliflower 
2 cans hearts of palms chopped fine
10 scallions chopped fine
1 head red cabbage chopped fine
Ancho chili powder
Crushed Urfa chilis
Guajillo powder
Ground cumin
Ground turmeric
Ground coriander
Sumac berries
Ground celery seeds
Markut lime powder
White balsamic vinegar powder
Ground White Sarawak pepper 
Lime juice
Coconut oil

Put 2 tablespoons coconut oil in a hot pan large enough to hold 4 lbs or ground meat easily.  You want space to move the meat around.  
Add the meat.
Add in all the spices except for the lime juice and keep stirring and moving the mixture around the pan until all the meat is cooked and starts to brown. Roughly 5 minutes on high heat.
Remove meat from pan and place into bowl and allow to cool down.
Take the cauliflower and either cut into small chunks or rice in food processor (note this works for either size just less cook time for riced)
Put 2 tablespoons of coconut oil in same pan as before to keep the flavor profile you built with meat for the cauliflower.   Note the turkey meat being used be the cauliflower will both soak up the oil during cooking process.
Cook until the cauliflower turns brown.  Small chunks about 5 minutes on high heat and riced about 2. Finish off with the lime juice for the last minute of cook time and place in same bowl as cooling meat.   Let both cool while you chop up the veggies.  
Once the cauliflower and meat ad cool enough that they no longer steam add in the scallions, red cabbage, and hearts of palm.   
Mix well and serve warm or cold.

To make this vegetarian just leave out the meat and then add the spices to the step of cooking the cauliflower and you have a vegan and vegetarian version where no flavor will be lost.   Also in addition you could add the following veggies as example not complete list:   Bell peppers (haven't tried since I can't have them, but the flavor profile should work), carrots, broccoli, sliced/diced Brussels sprouts (raw or cooked with cauliflower), the red cabbage can also be cooked for a changed flavor profile of dish.