Tuesday, July 14, 2015


I wanted to start a resources page to assist people in finding the spices and ingredients I use in my recipes.   I will continue to update this page as I get questions about specific items and as I think of a good place and or product that I have found crucial in making my life easier.
First:  Most of my grocery budget is spent at the local famers, though I do occasionally shop at traditional grocery stores to supplement what I can get from the local famers especially during the winter months where famers markets are limited. 
Second: All of my spices come from two places. 
  • Savory Spice Shop (http://www.savoryspiceshop.com/), for local folks in NC the storefront is located in Lafayette Village.
  • local Latin American, Indian, and Asian markets for ingredients not found in normal grocery stores.  
All my ground spices all from savory spice shop because I know their Gluten Free Spices and occasional dried whole chilis or canned pastes or whole chiles come from various local markets based on the culture purchased from.
Do not be afraid to make your own spice blends.   I buy bulk whole spices as well as ground base spices which I then turn into my own blends that I use for my meals.   I will share those as I continue blogging.

Other Resources:
As much as I love to cook from scratch,  I also love to go out and eat and try food at restaurants.   To that end, I post reviews on Yelp, Foursquare, and Find me GF on local restaurants that have GF options or whole menus that are Gluten Free.