Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Introduction Post

For my first post for this blog I wanted to do two things,  Introduce myself and the reason that I am on my this journey with food.

My name is Michael Huber and I have chosen to do a blog with the name 'Drumming up a better meal' based on some recommendations and pushes from my friends.    The name comes from two sources, when I go to relax after a stressful day of work I head either to my kitchen or more occasionally to my drums both of which I feel the stress of the day disappear.  

About 10 years ago I started to feel pain in most every joint of my body, and it hurt to breath and walking up a flight of stairs could take me 10 minutes or more on a bad day.  A couple years later I decided to start working with doctors to find out what was causing this problem.   After 3 years of random testing and considerable money out of pocket the doctors were no closer in finding out why the pain, though they were prescribing stronger drugs.

One day I read about how fibromyalgia sufferers were improved by simply removing gluten from their diet, I figured I could try it for 6 months having nothing to lose at that point.    So three years later after eliminating a few more foods then Gluten, I am now running up stairs when I want, practicing the martial arts again in limited capacity and in general I have days where I don't have any pain that stops me from doing what I want when I want to.

During my journey I have seen a ton of posts on the gluten free and whole foods eating groups about how difficult it is to eat healthier, how much more expensive it is and how much more time and effort it is to cook meals.   I would like to work on changing mindsets and dispelling these myths.   I spend far less time in the kitchen now and a lot less money, then I did in the years before I started my food journey.

So I am not a chef (never went to school for culinary arts), nor am I a nutritionist.   I will be posting recipes I make for myself, my family, and those fortunate souls who happen to show up for one of my parties I like to host occasionally.    These recipes will be simplified and geared toward reducing the money and time that is spent in the kitchen actively doing prep or actively cooking.

The recipes I post will be Gluten Free, and mostly grain free, nightshade Fee, and cows milk Dairy Free.   I have issues with many inflammatory causing foods and have eliminated quite a few in the first years.   As for nightshades the only ones I can take in small amounts are potatoes, sweet potatoes, and spicy peppers. 

I will occasionally cross-link to other blogs that may have good recipes that contain one of those ingredients purely to share a great idea or explain how to modify the recipe based on food sensitivities unique to me.