Saturday, August 15, 2015

Visit to a local GF expo /event today

So this posting will not be a recipe but a list of some resources I found at a local GF expo I attended today.

This is meant to be an extension of my general resources page until I either start using them as a general use.

Now I focused on gluten free, grain free, dairy free, sugar free and nut free products that fit into my general leaning toward paleo.  I do not have nut allergies personally but my wife does so all recipes and products have to include that limitation. 

Many companies and vendors at this expo were focused on gluten free products using many different alternative grains or processed sugars in their products.   Sure the were certified GF, but for me that is not adequate.  

A couple I'd like to mention though for folks looking for the grain free lifestyle.  

So this company already has a paleo product or two including breads,  but I wanted to challenge them to make one nut free as well.  He indicated he just took delivery of casava root for future products.  

Gluten free by Sara.
First met her at the wake forest farmers market and she's been willing to work with me on making a bread that meets my dietary restrictions. 

hummus product that can be found at whole foods.  Pretty good list of ingredients and a very decent price.  I stopped by whole foods on way home to pick up a couple flavors that I sampled at the event.  Thai and Chipotle flavored humus current favorites.

Produce box.   T
his is a NC delivery of farmers products to your door.  Cool if you aren't close by a farmers market or don't have time for going to one.  One of the things that drew me to find this resource prior to this event was the fact that they carry Imagine That GF product line which does not currently sell directly to consumers today.
Online grocery story for organic produce and products. Need to check this one out myself in more depth. 

Thrive bites.
Freeze dried fruits and veggies.  Alternative location for organic fruits and veggies for smoothies during off season.  Ok this is also prepper heaven probably if into prepping. 

Allergic traveller.  
International dietary and allergy alert cards.  

The gluten & grainfree gourmet.
She had a great talk about grain free lifestyle. Her chocolate chip cookies I received as samples  were pretty good.

Rikkos inc.
Great plantain and cassava root chips.  Bought a couple bags :).  They do have a local store in Raleigh they sell through.  

Honorable mentions of larger companies:  
Got swag (free samples) of kind bars, lära bars, and enjoy life chocolate chips.