Saturday, August 1, 2015

Homemade Habanero Hot Pepper Sauce

This is a simple pepper sauce and relish I make once the farmers markets start rolling out the spicier peppers.

Todays blend is roughly a medium for me and I use it in a variety of applications from mild Chili's, stews, scrambled eggs, as a relish on a burger or sausage, and even in small quantities in dressings.

  • 8 Habanero's
  • 8 Jalapeño's
  • toasted onion flakes
  • Head of Elephant Garlic
  • white vinegar
  • Clean the peppers of seeds and the ribs and place in blender of choice.   I use my Ninja juice blender for this.
  • Clean the head of elephant garlic and add to pepper
  • Put in two handfuls roughly of toasted onion flakes  (to flavor)
  • Put in white vinegar to liquid fill line if using a blender, or to cover if using a food processor
  • Blend/process until it looks like a relish.  Usually less then a minute depending on machine.
  • So I save up bottles that have re-closable lids for this for my home use.   Make sure they are clean.  
  • I typically like an 8 or 16 oz bottle.   This can be potent stuff for most people and I personally do not try and keep a batch longer then 6 months.   With the vinegar it may be theoretically last longer, but I like making fresh every year, and I save some peppers in freezer for a batch off season.
  • What I like to do so that it's not too watery is to use a fine mesh sieve and separate the vinegar and the 'pulp'
    • Pulp goes in a small 8 oz or 16 oz container.   This will look like a fine relish.  Pack well and then cover with some of the vinegar.
    • The vinegar with all the awesome heat and flavor I save in a jar appropriate to amount 32oz typically.  I can use this vinegar for a wide variety of applications including salad dressings.  Not as spicy as the pulp but great flavor.