Sunday, July 12, 2015

Large multi-day cookout for more than 7 people

I had family over for the past week and during the week the following simple recipes were used to feed the 7 people that were here.  I also ended up with plenty of leftovers.

So first day was a massive BBQ where we made:
So A couple days later we made - Ceviche:
I took and modified this recipe ( to make a ceviche for everyone to enjoy: 
  • 6 Tilapia instead of the haddock and shrimp. 
  • One smaller batch included some heat for flavor replacing the lighter tasting pepper flakes
    • 1 whole habanero, diced as small as possible.  Flesh only no seeds
    • A healthy dash or two of Aji Amarillo
A couple of sides for these meals were:
  • Cauliflower - quick boil
  • Sweet potatoes - boiled
  • brussel sprouts
  • rice
Breakfasts made out of the leftovers:
  • Quick hash from small diced potatoes fried on stove with thinly sliced beef heart pieces, chicken thighs, and/or sausage leftovers
  • Scrambled Eggs + pieces of heart or sausage quickly warmed up on stove
  • Boiled eggs + leftovers