Tuesday, July 21, 2015

Slow cooker Rabbit and potatoes

Originally posted by me in MyWholeFoodsLife Facebook group on April 5, 2015
Prep about 10 minutes
cook time 4-5 hours in a slow cooker.
  • 1 approx 3 lb rabbit from local farmer...
  • 4-5 med size potatoes

Using a spice/coffee grinder to combine the following
  • a good handful whole pieces of Rosemary
  • coarse ground pink Himalayan sea salt
  • small handful of telichery black pepper berries
  • freeze dried shallot and onion pieces.
  • Grind for 30 seconds
  • add in a pinch or two of ground kaala jeera and sumac berries.
  • Pulse grinder for a few seconds to mix.
(I get all my whole spices from either my garden, local farmers, or savory spice shop)

  • Roughly chop potatoes 'stew' size.
  • Place on bottom of slow cooker with 1 cup water.
  • Sprinkle in seasoning.
  • Rub seasoning on rabbit and place on top of potatoes in slow cooker.
  • Cook on high for 1 hour, low for another 3-4. Rabbit should 'fall apart' when you try and take it out.
  • Any leftover seasoning store in a jar for another meal